Are you a mind (mis)reader? When our negativity affects our love relationships

Mind-reading is one of those abilities that most people would love to have in romantic relationships. Being able to read our partner’s mind would spare us from so many fights, arguments and disappointment. We all rationally know that it’s impossible to really know what goes through people’s mind, yet we stubbornly make assumptions as toContinue reading “Are you a mind (mis)reader? When our negativity affects our love relationships”

I’ve been ‘unrealistically’ bad

It is surprising and saddening hearing kind-hearted and levelled clients be hard on themselves for behaviours that are not socially desirable, i.e.: having an extra drink at a party and getting a little drunk, having casual sex, having an argument with a loved one, calling in sick at work on a bad day, etc. TheseContinue reading “I’ve been ‘unrealistically’ bad”