Deciding who to ask for help is a mind field and being honest realising you need help and doing something about it is a bigger one; but once you have taken the plunge and spoken out loud that “the tools I have for coping aren’t very good for me”, how do you pick the person to talk to?
I went down the route of as many qualifications and accreditations as possible.  If I was opening Pandora’s box I wanted a qualified co-pilot to lead me through the fall out.  So that was how I chose Dr Bernardi, but why would I recommend him to someone else?
It isn’t because he is calm, kind and compassionate (to confirm he is all of those things), it is a little to do with the fact that he paces a 50-minute session so well that you leave every one feeling like a complete person (even though you may have been a tearful mess at one point).
I would recommend Francesco because he successfully challenged some very hard wired thought processes and patterns that I have had cemented into my life since childhood.  I achieved my goal of finding tools to help me cope when life is challenging and I understand myself better.
Words on a page won’t be able to convey the mountain I faced in re-programming some thought patterns, but by being honest and open (two hard things to do when you don’t want to face the dark) and thanks to Francesco, the climb isn’t so bad, I am finding the light.”
Rose Maxwell

“After realising that I was not coping after a bereavement, I sought the help of Dr. Bernardi in weekly sessions, after a recommendation from a friend. Having spent the past six months bottling my emotions from the event up inside of me, it felt incredibly strange telling them to a complete stranger. Francesco couldn’t have made me feel more at ease, and was able to make me realise that the way I was feeling was normal. He helped me recognise all of the different emotions I was feeling all at once, and to acknowledge that none of those emotions are bad. The best thing that I took from my sessions with Francesco, was to stop feeling guilty or ashamed when I find myself feeling happy, and that my life must go on, despite my loss. Francesco is compassionate, patient and made me feel completely at ease and I couldn’t recommend him enough.” 
Emma Rose

“When I reached out to Francesco my emotional life was in chaos. I was trapped in a cycle of abuse and co-dependency, and while I gave the impression of functioning normally, the reality was actually a very dark place.
Francesco helped me to get my thoughts in order, which gave me back perspective and enabled me to see my situation more objectively. I was never told by him how I should think or what I should want, he just helped me clear away the obstacles that were crowding my head and preventing me from seeing anything clearly. 
The first step is always the most difficult: asking for help. Francesco’s gift – and it is rare a gift – is his natural ability to empathize and at the same time communicate and interact in a way that is always professional, but is also at the same time very personal.”


“When I finally mustered the courage to get in touch with a professional, I was a complete wreck. I had just come out of a symbiotic and toxic relationship with someone and thought very little of myself. I couldn’t trust anyone, let alone a psychologist. Francesco was able to pick up on that – in hindsight I can see that! – and compassionately and patiently listened to me whilst at the same time making me feel safe about sharing my innermost struggles with a complete stranger. Seeking help was one of the most difficult decisions in my life, and finding Francesco through word of mouth was very lucky indeed. Francesco allowed me to explore why I was so anxious at connecting with people and we set a few tasks to challenge my long-held beliefs about myself. I feel like I am a more stable person and I know that there is still more work to do, but I feel confident that I can finally go out in the world on my own and draw on what I learned in therapy. I couldn’t recommend Francesco enough and knowing that I can return to him makes me feels safe.”
Luke P.