A heart-warming video worth watching

Apart from the beautiful message around body image, I find this video moving for how the passers-by interact with this lovely woman. It makes me reflect on how hard we try to come across as perfect and invincible, but then we cool down when we witness other people’s vulnerability and we empathically reach out toContinue reading “A heart-warming video worth watching”

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and 4 ways to know if you have it

Post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD, can be very debilitating. It presents itself with a number of symptoms that can be distressing for both the person who experiences them and people who are around them. It usually starts at least a month after a traumatic event takes place. What’s a Traumatic Event?Generally, it’s anContinue reading “What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and 4 ways to know if you have it”

What happens in an EMDR therapy session?

When prospective clients contact me to embark on Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, they often ask:  What’s a typical EMDR treatment session like?  Below I will illustrate how I usually conduct an EMDR session. Before you read on, it is important to note that I always tailor my approach to the client’s needs,Continue reading “What happens in an EMDR therapy session?”

Working from Home or Working from the Office: Finding a Happy Medium

Due to the beginning of the Coronavirus era, there has been a lot of talking about working from home. There are benefits that have been highlighted: flexibility, better sleep, home-cooked food, working from abroad (but what about tax?) and so forth.  There is no question that working from home has – rightly so – shakenContinue reading “Working from Home or Working from the Office: Finding a Happy Medium”

Are you a mind (mis)reader? When our negativity affects our love relationships

Mind-reading is one of those abilities that most people would love to have in romantic relationships. Being able to read our partner’s mind would spare us from so many fights, arguments and disappointment. We all rationally know that it’s impossible to really know what goes through people’s mind, yet we stubbornly make assumptions as toContinue reading “Are you a mind (mis)reader? When our negativity affects our love relationships”

I’ve been ‘unrealistically’ bad

It is surprising and saddening hearing kind-hearted and levelled clients be hard on themselves for behaviours that are not socially desirable, i.e.: having an extra drink at a party and getting a little drunk, having casual sex, having an argument with a loved one, calling in sick at work on a bad day, etc. TheseContinue reading “I’ve been ‘unrealistically’ bad”

What is ‘emotional dysregulation’?

When people are distressed or going through interpersonal turmoil, our threshold for stress in life can reach very low levels. This means that we may have strong emotional reactions when we encounter a difficulty, or when things do not go the way we would like them to. We may become irritable towards our significant others, or our mood may shift abruptly from happy to desperate in a matter of few hours or even minutes.