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What happens in an EMDR therapy session?

When prospective clients contact me to embark on Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, they often ask:  What’s a typical EMDR treatment session like?  Below I will illustrate how I usually conduct an EMDR session. Before you read on, it is important to note that I always tailor my approach to the client’s needs,Continue reading “What happens in an EMDR therapy session?”

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Working from Home or Working from the Office: Finding a Happy Medium

Due to the beginning of the Coronavirus era, there has been a lot of talking about working from home. There are benefits that have been highlighted: flexibility, better sleep, home-cooked food, working from abroad (but what about tax?) and so forth.  There is no question that working from home has – rightly so – shakenContinue reading “Working from Home or Working from the Office: Finding a Happy Medium”

‘The Guest House’ by Rumi

If you are after some inspiration, read this beautiful Rumi’s poem on making space for the so-called ‘negative emotions’ – difficult and seemingly counterintuitive – yet, so helpful for our mental health


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